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Mobile hardware and software complex «ParkNet» is designed to control the paid parking, as well as to fix offences of the rules of stopping and parking and other facts of administrative offences involving stationary vehicles. APC «ParkNet» produces photo fixation , identification number of the car and the formation of a data packet with the date, time and place of situation and transfer it by wireless links to the data center. From the data packet results are formed ruling on a fine recovery,, which is sent to the vehicle’s owner. At the time of the offence fixation, depending on the situation, an inspector with APC «ParkNet» can send a message about the forced evacuation of the vehicle. Simultaneously with the fixing of the offence the state license plate is checked on the basis of tracing data.

Complex «ParkNet» fixes the offences of rules as stop and parking ,which is enough for evidence photographs with the date, time and place of event:

Complex «ParkNet» designed for urban employment service organization and operation of the road toll parking areas in urban areas. Also complexes «ParkNet» can be used by police departments in efforts to ensure order in the areas of residential areas. FEATURES AIC «ParkNet»:The complex hold basic operations automatically:

АPC «ParkNet» has the ability to temporarily store the generated data packets of fixed events for next transmission in deferred mode. Also, one server can simultaneously handle to mobile devices (photo fixation). Features and benefits of APC «ParkNet»: