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Hardware-software complex (APC) «ParkRight» is designed on the basis of the software «Autouragan» to fix offences of traffic rules and to recognize number plates of vehicles. The system is designed for use in the car. The APC «ParkRight» can be installed on any type of car, taking a little time. The complex used to fix offences of the rules of parking and stopping, driving a pedestrian crossing, bus strip, oncoming traffic and other offences, it’s enough for evidence photos of the car with recognized plates and video from observation cameras. In order to be necessary video can be broken down into frames, and printed. The complex works on automatic mode, in some cases of offences the operator may turn manual managing. Regardless of the current mode of operation, the complex automatically checks all the cars that fall into the zone of visibility of cameras, connected by tracing database. In case of detecting a car from tracing database, the system displays a visual and audible alert. Obtained data during a patrol are automatically transferred via wireless communication lines with complex data center.

APC «ParkRight» uses in the patrol car traffic police to monitor compliance with traffic rules. Complex «ParkRight» can be used to account for the availability and control of the paid time on paid parking. Other applications of complex «ParkRight»- the registration of fact by not giving an advantage for vehicle with a special signals, ambulances ,fire and rescue services. «ParkRight» also establishes on a public transport - shuttle buses, trams. For automatic fixation facts about passing through bus strip and parking at banned places as well as, places for route vehicles