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Hardware-software complex of recognition and registration of license plates for stationary posts GBDD

Hardware-software complex of recognition and registration number plates of vehicles «KVADRAT» for stationary posts of the State Service Road Safety (GRSP) consists of all-weather street computer system (CRM) with specialized software, switchgear cabinet with remote monitoring and management system, video sensors recognition and logging.

АPC «KVADRAT» produces the recognition of license plates of vehicles passing through the control zone at a speed of up to 250 km / h .. Besides of automatic identification of license plates on a video image, the system automatically generates protocol of logging situations. The log records license plates and photos of all vehicles passing through the control zone, indicating the date and time. In addition, APC “KVADRAT”carries out inspections of all license plates by tracing database. In the case detecting of car, which is registered in the database of search data, the system automatically notifies employees of the road patrol service (DPS) by sound and light alarm.

APC «KVADRAT», equipped with an additional software module for measuring vehicles’ speed by video and also can be used to control the speed the limits on highways, intensity of traffic congestion and road congestion.
The information about passing vehicles registers speed for each one and stored on the BCCH and DPS post’s hard disk and transmitted to regional processing centers and storage. Database the car to identify the facts in the search or exceed the high-speed mode is operative notification DPS employees. Data about identified offences will be archived. On the facts of overspeed can be printed reference standard protocol notification.