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The” ABl Soft & SS” Uzbekistan is one of the leading companies in the field of developing intellectual security systems and surveillance. The company provides its customers with the most advanced solutions in the security sphere, the high level of customer service with complete cycle called “under key” and quality of products are evidenced by:

«ABL-Soft & SS» is a professional manufacturer in the field of embedded solutions for intelligent security systems, industrial facilities, systems of recognition of license plates of vehicles and automatic registration violators of traffic rules, mobile automatic logging systems parking violation and stop, as well as for systems identification based on face recognition.

Company in team with the leading scientists and programmers in Uzbekistan, also in partnership with foreign partners from Russia, Germany, Korea and Taiwan. At the present time company developed advanced intelligent software and hardware as :


The main features of hardware and software identification and registration of license plates of vehicles are:


One of the latest developments of our company are intelligent security monitoring and control system of buildings "IASMC", as well as automated intelligent system identification of the person "FaceCon", which is the first national software product designed to solve the complex problems associated with the recognition of human faces ( passport control, wanted criminal suspect, control and manage access to the room, protected area, etc.). The system generates face detection by capturing from face detector camera and comparing them with the pre-established base of reference images. Besides, detecting individuals on the video image, the system allows to add and remove the person from the database of reference images, as well as to conduct a database search and display recognition statistics. The main features of "FaceCon" are: the simultaneous detection of persons of all people involved in the field of video cameras; recognition of individual's faces on the movement, without needing to stop at the turn of the control; recognition of changing the face of the physical characteristics (aging, presence or absence of mustache, beard, glasses, by changing hairstyles, skin discoloration). "FaceCon" allows automatic comparison of photos on the document with "live" person who provides recognition of multiple subjects, passing through the control zone, and automatically provides information about the presence of wanted persons. Thus, the system helps to implement a rapid response to identified persons and to prevent possible crimes. Nowadays, these products are implemented and successfully operates in hundreds of entities in our country and abroad (Uzbekistan, Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Latvia, Poland).