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About company

The "ABl Soft & SS" Uzbekistan is one of the leading companies in the field of developing intellectual security systems and surveillance. The company provides its customers with the most advanced solutions in the security sphere, the high level of customer service with complete cycle called "under key" and quality of products are evidenced by: huge experience in the sphere of security more than 20 years; own developments, which are the most advanced nowadays; wide range of partnerships with major international companies in the field of information technology and security systems; dozens of successfully implemented large-scale projects and an extensive list of clients, including government agencies, large Uzbek and foreign companies and industrial enterprises. Company "ABL-Soft & SS" is a professional manufacturer in the field of embedded solutions for intelligent security systems, industrial facilities, systems of recognition of license plates of vehicles and automatic registration violators of traffic rules, mobile automatic logging systems parking violation and stop, as well as for systems identification based on face recognition. more...


Hardware-software complex of recognition and registration of license plates for stationary posts GBDD

Hardware-software complex of recognition and registration number plates of vehicles «KVADRAT» for stationary posts of the State Service Road Safety (GRSP) consists of all-weather street computer system (CRM) with specialized software, switchgear cabinet with remote monitoring and management system, video sensors recognition and logging of situations. more...

Smart-sensing camera with speed measurement

Intelligent (smart) sensing camera «AutoCon» is designed on the basis of the software «Autouragan» as the all-weather, single (all in one - all in one) Universal TV sensor, intended to solve the complex problems associated with the recognition of vehicles’ license plates. «AutoCon» produces the recognition of vehicles’ license plates passing through the control zone at a speed of up to 250 km / h. more...